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" I create out of my art studio
almost every day.
It has become my full time job
after a long career
in the graphic art field.
Being a self employed artist for me
is a dream come true.
Like the musician
who just can not stop playing music,
I can not stop creating art.
It is in my blood ,
it is my life path,
my calling,
my purpose".
Lisa Spencer-Ballard

Imagine designing your artwork without color. That is exactly what I did in my 35 year career as a custom designer, illustrator and logo designer for a publishing/printing firm. My graphics were designed in black and white in the art department with color finally being added at the printing press.

Today, I allow color to explode with expression in all the mediums in which I work. Watercolor, acrylics, Jewelry and graphic arts. In them I allow color to build it's own relationships. Relationships with adjacent colors, with the white of the paper, and of course,with the audience.

Combining colors in different ways can evoke moods described as festive, earthy, peaceful, dreary, harmonious, fresh, playful, energizing, and more. This is the power of color. This is the relationship it has with us. The way in which color is used can make us think of a subject in a new and very different way. Regardless of the media in which I express myself, in it you will find that I honor the gift of color.

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